Friday, March 12, 2010

Something from home.

So the closer and closer I get to my check in date, the more nervous I am about homesickness. I have a plan though! I want to take a couple things from my house that I either grew up with, or just really remind me of my life here. Everything will be new for me in FL -- like I'm buying new clothes, new bedding, new towels, new atmosphere, new friends, etc -- that it will just be nice to have something very home-y. I never knew how much I loved my surroundings until I accepted my invitation and realized that I'd be leaving it all for 6 months. I know that's a really sad cliche, but you really don't appreciate things until you don't have them anymore.

Anyways, I've decided on one thing for sure. My Mickey/Goofy pillowcase. When I was super young, I had this bedding with Mickey on it and a lot of primary colors. This pillowcase is straight out of the 90's (and looks like it too), but somehow, I've just always hung on to it. We've moved and thrown things away, but this is just something I've had 'forever'. It's very familiar is what I'm getting at. So, I'll be bringing that. I needed more pillowcases anyway, lol. Sorry to Abby though, because it will definitely throw off our very fashionable room.

I'm still trying to decide on the other things, but I thought it was a pretty okay way to help combat homesickness. In a world of 'new', I'll want something 'old'. You know what I mean?

On to other topics. Everyone is getting a formspring. I'm not. It's just that so many of my friend's formsprings are being trolled on by crazy internet losers. I HATE internet bullying, it's so pathetic. I don't even want to mess with it. And since it's so easy for people to create drama on formspring because of the ability to post anonymously, I won't be getting one. Too much drama, baby!

My point is, I still want you guys to ask me questions if you want. Add me on facebook and ask me there, or just comment below! I read all the comments to my blogs and respond back pretty quickly. And if you have any topic suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I feel like I'm talking about the same things to death!

Alsooo, the roomie situation is going great. I love Megan and Mary, and we're all just working out our roommate stuff. Like who's going to clean, how are we going to decorate, etc. This is particularly awesome to me since I haven't had roomies before! And we've already worked out plans for the first couple days, which I will be posting some time in the future. I'm also going to post a loose outline of my plans on what to do between now and check in day.

Stayyy tuned kiddos! :) :) :)


  1. That's exactly why I don't want a formspring, either. People can really take advantage of the anonymity and be rude or even cruel! I had a freedback (I think that's what it was called) once and that's exactly what happened to me. So smart call. :-)

  2. It sounds stupid, but I took my stuffed Stitch with me for my last program & probably will be again, if I get accepted. It was kinda nice to have stuff from home when everything was new & different.

  3. Wait... we talked about how we're going to decorate?

  4. I'm not sure if we've talked about it recently, but it used to be a big topic of discussion. :)