Saturday, May 29, 2010

Addicted shopping.

Yes, the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of CP shopping for me. Every weekend I've been hitting the malls and my favorite stores buying myself an entirely new summer wardrobe, plus all the other things I'll need for Florida. Actually if you remember, I've been shopping for this internship since the weekend after I got accepted. And it just seemed like the closer and closer my countdown gets, the more I want to shop. But...I think I'm pretty much done now. I have 3 full business outfits, 30+ casual tops, 10 or more casual bottoms, shoes for work, various sandals, bags, and a few travel size toiletries to hold me over until I go shopping once I'm down there. All I'm missing now is a swimsuit, and I've discovered how picky I am with them! (Side note: I wonder if our arrival date will get one of those snazzy welcome pool parties?).

Oh, and a 4gb memory card. I'll probably need more since I plan on taking pictures of well...everything, but I can always get that in Florida. I would have bought full size shampoo, conditioner, etc but I had to leave space for my other addiction...Bath and Body Works stuff. What? A girl needs to smell good!

Speaking of shopping, my wonderful roommates and I have been 'researching' the malls/outlet malls in Orlando. And well, we've pretty much decided to use the pantry for clothes and just be starving/broke, but incredibly fashionable CPs. ;)  But really, just the outlet malls (which are in WALKING DISTANCE!) have a ton of stores that we don't have here which is especially exciting. I can't wait to shop at some of these new places!

Not to even mention DISNEY SHOPPING. Property Control, anyone? I don't know if it's actually that good of a place to shop, but I hear about it all the time. 20% (and 50% holiday discount) on merchandise is going to be a killer for me. Especially since I'll be working all around this wonderful merch and I'll constantly want to buy the cute stuff.

I've been packing on and off for a week or so and taking pictures all along the way, but I don't want to blog about it yet. This weekend I plan to get pretty much everything packed up (after I pick out the clothes I want to wear on the 13th and 14th, plus anything I still need before I leave) and then I'll upload all the pictures and make one big post about it. So look out for that sometime next week.

(ETA: They changed the Disney Look today for non-costumed women to include business style cropped pants, sleeveless tops and dresses with straps at least 3 inches wide, and slingbacks with open toes. Too bad I already bought everything....)


  1. Hi! Jenn I love your blog are you going to keep it upi while your on the cp? And is your school giving you credit? Thank you.

  2. Thank you so so much! It's great to hear people are reading. And of course I'm going to try and update as much as possible while down in Florida.

    Unfortunately my school is not giving me credit because I'm a psychology major, and pretty much all the classes are business of theatre related. Plus this counts as a 'business internship' at my school.