Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's new.

It is really hard to organize my thoughts about what's going on here, but I really do want to give you guys an update. It's easy to blow this blog off when you're here, because you're having so much fun and don't really feel like writing everything down. But I know that when you're waiting to check-in, reading these blogs can keep you sane.

So my roommate had a good idea to organize her recent post into sections.

Friends: I love it. I love meeting new people. Everyone here is so friendly and you can honestly talk to anyone you see. Since we're all only down here for a few months, there's not really time to let a friendship mature, so everyone is just instantly bestfriends. My favorite part about being down here is all the cool people I've met, and having fun adventures with them.

Work: It's...alright. Honestly, I wish I loved it more. Work is just work. There are some really good moments, especially when I'm talking to guests or having fun with my coworkers. It's really boring though, I get paid to do a lot of standing around doing nothing. I've been having some crazy hours lately, but next week my schedule rocks! Work is just something I have to do to get all the other cool perks of being here.

This is how it works in Tomorrowland. It's divided into three zones. Zone 1 is Mickey's Star Traders, Merchant of Venus, Geiger's Pin Cart, and the Speedway Cart. Zone 2 is the Arcade (Space gift shop) and Ursa's Hat Carts. Zone 3 is the Buzz Imaging and the two Buzz Carts. Zone 2 pretty much sucks for some reason, nobody likes it. Zone 3 is just really really slow and boring. I kind of like working in Zone 1 the most since it's busier, and the day goes by faster.

We work one Zone per day, and get rotated throughout different positions all day. Technically you're not supposed to be at one position more than an hour, but that's not how it always works unfortunately.

Cute moments: I don't know if I've told this story, but on my first day of training we had this meeting with our leader. She walked us around the stores and asked us to do some guest interaction. I found this woman taking a picture of her mom with a Stitch doll, so I offered to take their picture together. The mom couldn't speak english, but she was SO grateful, happy, and even wanted a picture with us! So on my first day of work, I made a guest so happy that they wanted a picture with me. Isn't that cool?

And just another recent one I thought of. I was merchantaining at Mickey's Star Traders and carrying around this huge Stitch plush while making it wave. Every single person, no matter how young or old, got this huge smile on their face when they saw it and waved back. It was just something that put a little more magic in my heart that night.

Parks: I haven't actually been to the parks that much. Well, I have...kind of, but I haven't done very much there. I still haven't even been to Animal Kingdom. So my new mission is to actually do more things when I go to the parks instead of just strolling around. It starts tomorrow with my adventure to MK with a few friends. Me, Mary, and Tracie even have an ADR to 1900 Park Fare that night. It's going to be such a fun day where we're just like all the other guests.

That's it for now kiddos, I'll update again in the future some time. :)

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