Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Packing and other nonsense.

I've been working on a couple other lists, mainly a packing one. It's huge right now and I just keep adding more. I'm planning on editing it the entire time though. Once I start actually looking around the stores (I've been snowed in, so I haven't gone much of anywhere.) and stuff I'll probably cut some things off. I need to get out the luggage I'm going to take with me to see about how much I'll be able to fit in them.

Like I'm not sure right now if anyone else is bringing a wireless router, so I'll take it off my list if there is somebody. Or I don't know if Abby wants to buy the bathroom stuff is she drives, because she'll have more room. (Yay for 3 bathrooms!).

And until I start shopping for clothes (which I won't do until late spring, because I'm still trying to drop a size or two.) I won't know how many shorts I'll take. Or shirts. So on and so on.

I'm also going to start looking around for nice business professional outfits, since I'll need them for at least 3 days of training. And some nice dressy but comfortable flats, since there's no way I'm walking around a park in heels.

I know Lyanne mentioned that she wanted to split a room at Pop Century with me, so I hope she get's accepted soon so we can work it all out!

I'm so excited! *deep breathe* I've been re-reading all the merchandise blogs, and I've been trying to find out as much information as possible on the roles. Basically right now I just want to get this semester over with already. It's only week 5. Thankfully my classes haven't been too time consuming so I've been having a lot of time to do fun stuff...and chat a ridiculous amount with the D-Fam. :)

Also, I'll be test-running some new blogger backgrounds. Tell me what you think!


  1. I like this background alot! Personally, I've been working on a packing list for next spring. :p

  2. oh i like this super colorful button one! :D

  3. I agree, this background is cute!!

  4. soooo, I've been creeping on your blog... researching for my interview on Tuesday. :)

    Congrats on getting in! I bet it's exciting.

  5. I'll tell you as soon as I know anything Jenn so we can work out the room thing at Pop!
    I really hope I hear soon! :D