Saturday, February 13, 2010

This shopping for FL thing will quickly become an addiction.

Most of you guys know I wasn't looking forward to this weekend because I am SO bogged down with homework...well it got better!

Last night me and some family went out to dinner (is your family loud and obnxious when there's 7 of you together, too?) which was fun. But then as we were leaving, my mom was like 'hey, let's go CP shopping!'. YES PLEASE. I hadn't really planning on actually shopping so soon, but I was definitely game! I really wasn't planning to buy anything, just kind of browse and think everything is adorable and perfect for the apartment.

But anyway, we were kind of looking around the home section and my mom spotted a fold up hamper thing she wanted me to get. It's small, will be good to pack, and I think will work pretty well for hauling of my crap to the laundry. And right next to them was space bags! I'll definitely need those for packing, so we picked up a multi-pack of them.

Then we kind of stumbled on the bedding section, where I couldn't find anything I really wanted. There were these adorable tan, green, and blue sheets that I liked, but I couldn't find a comforter to match. The sheets are kind of polka dotted...well, it's hard to explain. I'll just have to take pictures.

So I kept looking, and I found some multi-colored bright polka dotted sheets that I liked, and a purple-y comforter to match. I wasn't really what I was looking for though. So I was having an internal debate of whether to buy them or not when I turned the corner and there was a blue comforter! ON SALE!

It matches those sheets I wanted, and then I got a green blanket to pull the whole thing together. WOW! So my bedding is done. I don't think it will match Abby's exactly, because the blue is not turquoise or's more inbetween. Buy I like it!

Then we started looking at bath stuff like towels and rugs. They had some cute ones on sale, but I wanted to keep looking. We found an ADORABLE shower curtain, but I didn't want to just buy it without talking to Abby first. Then there was this set of bath rugs (like one for the toilet seat, one for underneath the toilet, one for in front of the shower) on sale, but again, I wasn't sure. So I'll just wait and talk to her about it. I'll try and go back and take some pictures.

I was kind of in heaven in the kitchen section. So many things I would've liked to buy! But I've decided I'll go ahead and buy the kitchen towels and some other little things (cutting board, cheesegrater, etc) for our kitchen. I can't contribute something huge like a TV since I'm flying, but I CAN provide some kitchen stuff! And I think Tracie might bring some extra pots and pans, because I've heard you get like one frying pan and one sauce pan. Period. I like to cook, so that will not do! I can always pick up some cheap ones from Walmart when I get there, I guess.

I think I'm going shopping later again, too. I'll definitely take pictures of everything and post them soon. Oh, and congratulations to Cori who just got accepted to FSFB! YAY!

Now I have to get back to researching the Volstead Act and reading about David Hume. :)


  1. ahh jenn i love it! don't worry about super matching - right now my roomie has purple/grey/black bedding and it still works. :)

    actually my bath towels are kind of like the color of the buttons on your blog, but slightly bluer. if that helps. :)

    YAYS :D

  2. I'm so excited for you! Shopping for CP stuff is such a blast.

    Also, I realized I didn't answer your poncho/rain gear question. They have it available at costuming, but it goes fast. I still don't have any because every time I check they are either out completely or only have size 2XL.

  3. Katie, thanks! And wow, they make you stand out in the rain and get all wet? That's not very good!

    Abby, okay! I'll be on the lookout for something that has the weird blue/green color in it! :)

  4. Jenn i got bedding to! i wasnt planning on shopping so soon but now im addicted so anytime in out and about i start thing about things i want/ need :)

  5. That's great! It is terribly addicting isn't it? I find myself just oohing over stuff online that I know I'll never buy, but still want.

    So what does your's look like? :)

  6. Mines from Ikea its white with different color flower pattern ! i will post a picture on my blog at some point :)