Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Glass half-full kind of person.

That's who I am. Apparently, that's not who some former-CPs are.

I was reading this kid's blog from 2005. He was on the OPENING TEAM OF EVEREST, yet he still managed to make it sound crappy and he eventually self-termed. I mean, the blog had a ton of good, detailed information about costuming, attractions, etc. But he was such a Debbie Downer.

And then last night Mike was telling us some things about equity performers...like how they didn't appreciate the Disney magic anymore.

Call me naive, but I prefer to stay in a positive mindset about Disney. I'm looking so forward to interacting with guests and making magical moments and seeing a child's face light up. That is one of the major reasons I'm doing this after all.

I understand that some people go down there to party, have fun, and that they don't really care about maintaining the magic...but to be frank, I'd rathar not associate myself with those people! If I don't make any friends down there before of it, then so be it.

...but I know I won't! Most of the people I've talked to are sooo in love with Disney's magic like I am. And then I look at people like Joanna, who has done 6 CPs so far, and she still seems super in love with every little part of Disney. I really hope to be like that.

I know it will be tough sometimes. I'll miss my family and home-town friends, I'll get tired at work, etc...but I really think with the help of my D-fam my love of Disney will shine through.

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