Thursday, December 31, 2009

Busy day.

Hey everyone. Man, have I had a busy day. My mom basically recruited me last week to run errands with her today, so I had to do it. She's moving into a bigger office at her work, so she wanted me to help her re-decorate and such.

Before that though we went to lunch at this place called George's. Apparently it's been in my town forever, but we've never been. It was delicious! It was so...hometown. Like it seemed everyone knew everyone and all the customers were regulars. I felt like I was an out-of-towner, haha. Unfortunately I doubt they had a healthy item on the menu, so I probably won't be back anytime soon.

I am sooo sleepy. I stayed up til about 1 am last night chatting with the fall hopefuls, and when I left there was still a lot of people in there. Then I had to wake up early this morning. Ugh, how will I ever make it to midnight?

I just got home from my busy day to freshen up and get ready for dinner. We're supposed to go out to dinner with some of my mom's coworkers.

So to all the future-CPs, if I'm not in the chat tonight or on facebook, you'll know that I seriously must have passed out after and/or during dinner. Happy New Years Eve everyone!

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  1. I am a frequent recruit of my mother's. Haha. :)
    Happy new year!