Monday, December 28, 2009

It all starts here.

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer, but I also go by Jenn and Jenny. I've decided to follow all my fellow CPers and start this blog a little bit early. Basically, it will be centered around my journey to join the Disney College Program. Applications don't come out until January, unfortunately, but I will be spending the time until them talking about the DCP itself and my Disney background. Let's start with what makes Disney so special to me, shall we?

Basically, I've been surrounded by all things Disney since I was born. My first trip to a Disney park was in fact at the age of 18 months! I have the most adorable picture with Mickey, and I was half-asleep, but you could still see the awe in my eyes. I've grown up obsessed with Disney movies (we have every single Disney classic, and I've seen them all probably 5+ times) and sleeping with Mickey plushies and all of that.

When I was 8 my family took our first trip to WDW. Let me tell you, I think that changed my life forever. Without that first trip I never would've thought of doing the College Program. But I did, and here I am.

There's something about Disney that's truly magical. Whenever I visit, I feel like miracles happen, dreams do come true, and my life will turn into a happily ever after fairytale. That's why I want to be a part of that. Be a part of all the magic. Make a guest's dreams come true. I want to see the magic happening when a little girl meets Mickey for the first time. I want to do it all everyday.

Don't get me wrong though. I hardly live in a fairytale, so I know it will be a lot of work! I'm sure there will be some trying times when I miss home and get fed up with everything, but I'm an optimist at heart. I truly believe that this will be an experience of a lifetime...

...that is, if I get in. It's going to be a longggg two months before applications come out.

SO. Sit down, buckle up, and join me while I try and make this once in a lifetime dream come true.

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