Monday, December 28, 2009

Interview practice.

Hey, I saw on Marissa's blog that she was making up some practice answers for her interview. (Good luck!) So, I thought I would mimic that and make up my own. I've just written down a few general questions that I've found on the DIS and facebook.

Top 3 role choices:

- Hospitality/concierge

- ?

- ?

Why do you want to work for Disney?

- I was 18 months old the first time I visited a Disney park, and I’ve been hooked ever since. There’s this magic that surrounds all things Disney, a kind of magic that encourages you to believe in miracles and fight for your dreams – I’d give anything to be a part of making that magic. Plus, the chance to work and gain experience from a Fortune 100 company like Disney is something that I absolutely can’t pass up.

Previous work experience?

- I worked retail at a shoe store for almost a year, and I gained a lot of knowledge of business, customer service, and sales from that experience. I also gained maturity and responsibility, which is something I believe Disney is looking for in a cast member.

Attractions: You’re working Space Mountain, and a child comes up who is too short to ride. What do you do?

- Well, I would get down on their level because I think kids respond better to someone they can see as their equal, and I would apologize and explain that he wasn’t quite tall enough to ride this year, but I’d suggest he try out Tomorrowland Transit Authority (so he can see the inside of the mountain) or Goofy’s Barnstormer because it’s one of my favorite rides. Then I would stand up and explain ‘child swap’ to the parents, if they still wanted to ride.

Merchandise: A guest is looking for something that is sold out, what do you do?

- This actually happened to me once at Magic Kingdom! First I would definitely re-check, because I know that’s what I would want the cast member to do, and if it’s definitely not available at that store, I would call to see if any other stores on property had it. And if it really wasn’t available anywhere, then I’d apologize and suggest a similar item.

How do you see the program fitting into your future career goals?

- Well, I’m a psychology major and I plan to go on to graduate school and eventually get my PhD. I think working for Disney would not only be something great to put on my resume (everyone knows what Disney is, so it’d be a great conversation starter), but also be amazing for the people experience. I would get to meet so many different people from different walks of life, and psychology is basically just the study of people.

Would you be interested in QFSB?

- Unfortunately, no. I’m sorry.

I would love some help with the last two. I just absolutely cannot work around food, but I don't know how to deny QFSB without sounding snotty and ungrateful.

I'll just use this as a kind of guide, and hopefully I'll be finding a few more questions to add to it.

Anyway, I'll post a more 'regular' type entry later. I'm about to leave for dinner and then a movie on campus! :)

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  1. heyy! i am a character performer cp starting on the 13th! i also was anti QSFB and what i did when they asked was "i am very excited at to opportunity i have to possibly become a part of the disney family, however, i dont feel like i will be able to lend my services to disney at my best of my ablility in that role"

    hope it helps! before i was placed into entertainment, i was offered a role as a lifeguard which was my 4th choice, unknown to them of course lol