Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh ladeda.

TGIF everyone!

Well, as most of you know, finals are coming up soon. Unfortunately, I really hit a kind of slump where I wasn't studying and was spending way too much time reading about the CP. I had a really good day though today, where I realized studying pays off and no studying...well, it just doesn't. So, I think this will probably be my last post until January.

School is pretty much going good. I have one test Monday, then only four more class days after Thanksgiving! :) I'm pretty much over all of my big projects (papers, presentations, required volunteering, etc).

I just registered for spring classes, and I'm taking 16 hours. So HOPEFULLY I become good at dealing with my tendancy to obsess over the CP by them! I'm actually really excited for all of my classes next semester. I'm taking yet ANOTHER english comp class (but I'm really good at writing), philosophy, psychology: a life span, psychology: probability and statistics, and french! Probs and stats will be boringgg, but it's a part of psychology I have to live with. I'm excited for philosphy, life span, and french though!

Also, I've been networking a lot of the psychologists at this counseling and guidance center down the street from me. My teacher works for them (she works with kids, which is what I want to do) and my mom works with them too sometimes. I'm trying to make connections, and of course, my professor knows what a great student I am. ;) I hope that will pan out eventually...preferably paid. :D

For CP, I'm still debating on all those things I posted about last time. I'm sure they will work themselves out before applications come out though. Another big decision I have to make is what apartment complex I want. Elliot from the AIM chat was making me think Vista wasn't too bad until I snapped back into reality! Patterson doesn't have a bus stop and I can be oddly lazy after a long day at work or night out. I'll probably pick Chatham, but still...Patterson is newer.

Anyway, don't worry. I will be back! :)

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