Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Yes, I know it's December 27th, but it's still technically the holiday season. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas, and that they got to spend it surrounded by people who love them. I know I did. :) I also happened to get a new adorable purple mini netbook! It will be perfect for taking to class.

In other news, final grades were posted the other day, and I got all As. This means I have maintained my 4.0 GPA! I would say all my worrying was for nothing, but I really think it helped me strive for better grades. I know that I probably won't keep such a great GPA for long, but I will keep working towards it no matter what. I am a true perfectionist.

As for the college program...well, I think I'm doing okay. I've found a good medium -- as in, I'm not too obsessive, but still really interested. I've spent some time reading old blogs and looking at as many pictures and such as possible. I actually found some really great pictures on facebook book of one of the costuming buildings. It's this humongous warehouse type thing with rows and rows and rows of costumes. It looked like maybe you get the costumes, then check out? Anyway, It was GREAT to be able to see the backstage, as I really haven't found many pictures of it so far. So, if anyone knows of some great 'backstage' pictures, I'd love for you to share them.

Last night we had a bunch of people in the chat, and it was a lot of fun. Abby mentioned a Boma dinner, which I think sounds perfect. It wouldn't have to be a big production with tons of people or anything. I was thinking, maybe it could be way for us 'originals' to meet back up after being there for a while? Unfortunately, I've heard that sometimes you kind of lose contact with some of the people you've talked to on FB, what with the crazy schedules and meeting new friends and all. So maybe we could plan the dinner in advance, and we could spend the night talking about how things have been going.

As much as I would love to room with one of the 'originals', I don't know how that will go. A lot of them are doing fall, and I think I'm still set on fall advantage. I'm sure I will find the perfect roommate when the time comes though!

Lol, and as for the 'originals' thing -- someone mentioned last night that we're like the group of people who've been together since the beginning. I think I joined the group when there were only a few people, and nobody was really talking, but slowly it's grown and now it's around 140 people. Anyway, so I have dubbed us The Originals. This may or may not have spawned from me watching The Incredibles last night while chatting.

So, I wish this blog could be more 'informative', but I honestly see it more as a place I can write about MY journey, and I think that will actually be imformative in it's own way. I know a ton about the CP (at least as much as you can know from the internet), so I hope some of the spills out onto the blog.

Okay, well that's it for now I think. I'm aiming to make at least a blog a week, so we'll see how that goes. I hope everyone is enjoying what I've written so far!

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