Monday, December 28, 2009

Housing & such.

Hello everyone! I decided to post a new entry instead of writing up my museum review for history class like I should be doing. Lol. No really, I've been studying all day, so I decided to do something fun for a change.

If you can call 'obsessing over something that I haven't even applied for' fun. Seriously, it's torture! How does anyone live like this?! How will I make it til January when the applications come out? OR TIL MAY WHEN I FINALLY LEAVE? Oh, yeah. I decided on fall advantage. :) One decision down, 6178 to go.

Anywayyy. Back on topic.

There are 4 apartment complexes that house the college program kids. Vista Way, Chatham Square, Patterson Court, and The Commons (which is just for the international program).

Vista Way is the oldest complex. If you listen to alumni, it's also the loudest and craziest. Look, I like to have a good time, but I also like it to be quiet when I'm trying to sleep. From what I hear, Vista and 'quiet' should never be used in the same sentence. Sure, people may be exaggerating, but I'm not taking a chance on it. Plus, I've heard it's infested with mold and bugs. If you learn anything about me through this blog, learn that I am absolutely 100% terrified of anything with 6-8 legs that flies, crawls, or jumps. In other words, BUGS. I am THAT GIRL. The girl who shrieks and jumps up on a chair or into the arms of the nearest manly man. So, Vista is off of my list.

Chatham Square is next. It's next to newest and most people I've found recommended this complex. They say they're the biggest and bestest. It has ridiculous green carpet, but I'm not THAT high maintenance. It appears nice, casual, and just right for people our age. At least from the pictures. Also from what I've heard, it's about 50/50 on the loud/party level. It's quiet, yet fun. The parties are 'hidden and behind doors' instead of EVERYWHERE and crazy like Vista. And it has a bus stop, which...

Patterson Court does not. PC is the newest, but does that really make it better? I don't know. I've heard mixed reviews. People say it's REALLY NICE, but that also makes it the most expensive. The bus stop thing really bothers me. I would absolutely not mind walking from Patterson to Chatham's bus stop (they're pretty close) on nice, relatively clear days. I actually like walking! But on rainy days...I would be very upset. I hate getting rained all over.

YES. I realize I'm going to FL where it rains almost everyday for at least a little bit. It's just, I don't like getting my clothes wet. I'll get used to it, I'm sure.

Anyway, as you can tell, I think I've decided on Chatham Square. That might change, but for now, I'm pretty set on it. So now it's two decisions down? I love being decisive.

Next up...I think I'll talk about hair. Yes, hair. I am a girl after all, and hair is very important to me. So hair. Stay tuned for that. :)

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  1. I already decide for Chatham most of the CPs say that is the best one I been asking like crazy lol