Monday, December 28, 2009

I just can't do it.

I guess I'm not going to leave? The blog, that is. I can't seem to distance myself from the college program. I've been reading blogs and watching vlogs (check out John Henselmeier's -- it's pretty detailed and awesome) and just filling myself up with as much information as possible.

Especially now that the semester is almost over (yay!), I'll probably read about it even more. I bet that once christmas break starts more and more people will hop over to the AIM chat and start...chatting. I've already met a bunch of great people through that, and I hope to continue to meet even more!

Finals are coming up, so that's not so great news. I only have two comprehensive finals, and those are the only ones I'm really worried about. I'm on thanksgiving break right now, and I'm just studying studying studying. I'm actually being more productive than I thought I'd be!

Also, I'm trying to get this internship with a counseling center down the street from me, so that's putting me under a teensy bit of stress.

I'm sorry guys if these first few posts have seemed all over the place. I will start to make some kind of sense, I promise! I'm usually very organized, but I just jumped into this blog one day with no plan. I want to make it really interesting and fun, so if you have any good ideas, I'd really appreciate it.

So basically, I'm really hyped for the holidays. I love christmas and thanksgiving and all that stuff that surrounds it. I even baked cookies last weekend, something I pretty much only do this time of year. I screwed up the first batch (not enough flour) but they actually came out pretty tasty. :)

Also, I'm debating moving this to blogspot. I can't really seem to navigate livejournal very well, and the layouts are kind of typical. Blogger seems more organized. So if I do move it, don't worry, I will post the link to the new spot.

Uhm, so pretty much none of that had to do with Disney. My next blog will be about housing, and I'm trying to come up with some kind of good schedule that I'll stick to.

In the mean time, uhm, come join the AIM chat, friend me on facebook (Jennifer Pegg), and bake some cookies with not enough flour -- you won't regret it! :)

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