Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Helllllo. It's officially killing me to see everyone already training, checking in, or getting ready to leave! I want to be youuu!

In other news, my first french class was today. It was really fun! You honestly don't know what it sounds like when a person from Lyon speaks english (like their accent) until you've heard it! It is the funniest thing, lol. The class is kind of an interesting mix. We have one chick from Belgium, one from France, one from England, and one was Russia. I know two of them are taking the class for an easy A. But anyway, everyone seems really fun and talkative, and there's a John Henselmeier look alike.

...YES! You heard my right. He's pretty awesome.

Anyway, I can now participate in the following conversation in french!

Comment tu t'appelles?
Je m'appelle Jennifer, et toi?
Je m'appelle Jane Doe. Comment ca va?
Ca va tres bien! Ca va?
Ca va comme ci, comme ca. Enchante! 
Enchante! Je viens de Fort Smith, AR, et toi?
Je viens de Orlando, FL.
Au revoir Jennifer!
A bientot!

So, at Disney I could hypothetically ask a french speaker what their name is, how they are, and where they are from...but that's not really going to get me anywhere! Lol.

I'm wondering when exactly the apps will go out? Like at midnight the day of, or some random time? It would really calm my nerves if I knew the time at least.

At times, I'm rethinking doing fall advantage. I don't know. I mean, I'm so absolutely close to my parents and I've never really been away from home for a long period of time. And it's going to be rough on my mom especially. I know it's dorky, but we're so close. I call her every time something fun, interesting, or important happens during the day. So I'll still be able to do that, but I won't get to see her that much. But she's thinking of visiting in July maybe.

We have a big family trip planned in September, with my aunt, uncle, cousins, etc. So even if I don't get in, I know we're doing that. So I'll get to see them for 10 days - 2 weeks then. I'm going to hopefully ask off for as much of that as possible. Then I think my mom is wanting to bring my dad to see the holidays at Disney, so maybe around November?

It's not like I'll never see them, but it will be tough. And my pets! I have 2 cats and 2 dogs that I absolutely adore. I won't see them at all. FOR SEVEN WHOLE MONTHS. What if they don't remember me when I get back? :(

It's a bad time to start getting all indecisive, especially with apps right around the corner. I need to stop holding things off and actually firmly DECIDE.

American Idol comes on tonight! It's one of the only shows my mom actually watches, so we make sure to watch it as a family. I'm still kind of sad about Danny Gokey's loss last year, but uhm, go Kris Allen! From Arkansas! Haha.

OH, before I go I wanted to tell you the funniest dream I had. My alarm (phone) is set to that song remix by...someone that starts with the infamous 'All who come to this happy place, welcome'. Well, after I shut it off (at 6 freaking AM) I fell back asleep and had a strangeee dream. I was there, on the opening day of Disneyland. I was standing behind Walt (as a castmember) and I watched him talk about how much DLR meant to him. Then I kind of whooshed by, and I was in the middle of the day running around frazzled trying to get everything fixed. I guess I was a manager of some sort? Anyway, the plumbing was broken (which is true of the opening day at DLR, I believe) and all the castmembers were going crazy because of the busy crowds.

Then I woke up just as I had discovered the plumbing problem, haha. So, that was a weird start to my morning.

Have a good night everyone. :)


  1. we should do fall advantage together and be roomies and speak butchered french and miss our parents, haha. seriously jenn, we have a lot in common! it's a bit frightening.

    i think the indecisiveness is probably because we're so close to applications, too. because i get a bit wishy-washy, too, every now and then.

  2. Lol! Does it make me dorky if I think that sounds incredibly fun? At least I'll know one person who thinks the same way I do. :)

    I know! I get like this everytime something big is going to happen. Hopefully it will pass soon and I'll finally put my foot down on something.

  3. not at all! :) orrr we can just be dorks together.

  4. I feel the same exact way! I'm not doing fall advantage cause I'm way to close to my mom and I really don't want to kill myself with summer guests! And I'm going insane because the apps aren't out, and one of my sister's friends is doing the CP right now and I only figured that out like a few weeks ago. ARGH! so, yes, I will be waiting up until midnight the day the apps are "supposed" to come out. When is that again? grrr, i hate my spastic brain.
    Congrats on the french! I can speak two languages. Normal English and MidWestern English. :D hehehe I like the latter the best.

  5. January 20th is when they've went out for the past two years.