Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So this is what it feels like when your dream starts to come true...

APPLICATIONS ARE UP! It's actually happening. I applied for real this time. I am so HAPPY!

I don't even know where to begin, I have to try and organize my thoughts.

Okay, first of all, it's been a wonderful day. I woke up and it was 70 degrees (much better than the 20 degree days we've been having) and beautiful outside. Pretty much the first thing I did after getting cereal was to check the CP website. No go. People had already been on since like 5 am and constantly refreshing the page.

I went to classes and kept my laptop on and the CP website in a tab & I refreshed a ton. I even daytime chatted (it was so odd!) with a few people in my psychology class. I was so antsy!

I got home and read that Kristin had gotten information from her recruiter that 'recruiting' wouldn't start until Feb. 8th, so my hopes were pretty much gone. I turned off my laptop and went off to do something else.

Then at around 4 I decided to check it at least once more, and it was still a no go. So I popped into FB and there was so many exclamation marks and capital letters everywhere. Needless to say I was confused. So I checked it again, and after some searching I found it! I hadn't envisioned it happening this way at all, lol. I wanted to hurry up and watch the e-presentation just in case Disney changed their mind and pulled it off! Lol.

I basically fast forwarded through most of it while I chatted with others who were doing the same. The FB page had SO MANY new wall posts from people I've never really talked to or seen before, it was strange! Sometimes I forget that there will be lots of new people join. I got used to our little bubble, haha. But I welcome everyone!

I applied and everything went fine. This is seriously the easiest job application ever people. No references, no phone numbers or email addresses for past employers, it was so easy. The web interview was equally as easy. I honestly don't understand how anyone could fail it, but I know some people have. I feel so so sorry for them! I guess I'm just lucky. Just follow the tips that everyone gives you (be consistent, answer strongly, be yourself) and your good as gold.

It funny how scarily true most of it was for me. I'm positive, a leader, I take the initiative, I keep cool when other people are angry, and I love guest service. I didn't have to 'stretch the truth' once!

The phone interview thing was closed by the time I called (WHY DO YOU DO THAT TO ME, DISNEY!?), but I'll be calling bright and early tomorrow morning. I actually hope they'll have an interview available for tomorrow afternoon. I'd rather do it as soon as possible so I don't have time to worry about it. Which I do a lot. Worry, that is.

So it's here. My dreams are finally in my reach. This is happening. Someone pinch me, please.


  1. I actually had a little bit of a hard time filling out the Skills portion......I settled for the phrase "Disney Savvy"

    Now comes the next step....


    haha john i put "extensive knowledge of the walt disney world resort" in my skills.

  3. I skipped the skills part, but put 'loving Disney' under my hobbies. :P

  4. Good luck with your interview, Jenn!

    Thanks for the comment. I tried not-freaking-out mode today and I decided on putting Vacation Planner and I might put down attractions as well, just in case. That way I have at least one role that they take a lot of CPs for!

  5. Best of luck to you, Jenn!
    And congratulations!

  6. Yeah Kristin, I think if you explain this all to your interviewer they'll understand.

    Thanks Katie! Good luck with your DAK training!