Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm so glad my interview is over...

I was really really lucky to be able to get a Friday interview (that didn't get postponed), so thank you Disney! I'm just glad it's all over. In 3 days. I've been waiting for this for years, and now it all happened in 3 days. Wow.

Well, all that I can control has happened. Now it's up to them to decide if I'm a good fit for Disney, and if so, what role I should get.

Let me say this again, this whole thing is so surreal! It happened so fast for me. But now I'm glad I can be there to help all of my fellow fall-APPLICANTS (thank you for that one Abby's vlog). I just hope that my blog can be a comfort. People should see how nervous and worried I was before, but my interview went great. So for ME to say that the interview is nothing to worry about...that's saying something right? Hopefully!

So don't worry! Just be prepared for any and all questions she may ask. Smile. Laugh. Make it fun!

Fun fact: I started full on staring at my phone at 2:25, and I did it for a good 10 minutes until she called. I want this so bad! :)

Now all I have to do is to start waiting...again. I waited seriously for this since last April, so 3-4 weeks is nothin'. Except that now I'm actually waiting to see if I was accepted or rejected...which is worse.


  1. Hey, remember what Linda said: your chances are really, really good. :)

  2. good luck! you'll probably get it.