Monday, January 11, 2010

First day of classes.

Hey kids, today was my first day of classes. I know it's not Disney related, and I'll try not to talk about it too much in my blog, but I just thought it might interest you guys, and help you learn a little more about me.

My intro to philosophy class opened up last night (it's online) so I kind of skimmed the site. There are NO TESTS, NO PAPERS, and NO BIG PROJECTS! We have a quiz each week -- only 10 questions and he urges us to use our notes. The quizzes are basically over his powerpoints, online lectures, and excerpts from different books he wants us to read. One book I bought for the class is called 'The Philosophy Gym'. It's 25 short adventures in thinking. Basically, each chapter is dedicated to a big, perplexing question like 'why are we here?', 'do other people have minds?', 'do aliens exist?', etc. This is soooo up my alley.

The only other things we have to do is answer two essay questions (about 500 word minimum, so no biggie), write on the message board (he posts a topic each week, and we basically have to share our opinion and talk with our classmates), and a creative project for the final (basically, he wants us to make something creative like a painting, blog, video, informal essay, etc about one of the philisophical topics we discussed.) And I love philosophy. I mean, I've been having philisophical debates with my mom for years, lol.

Uhm, I had my comp. II class today. It's the same professor from my comp. I, so I know how she works. And she really likes how I write (she's the one begging me to change my major to english). We have three big essays, but one is primarily photographic, and the other is a group one with a presentation. I have a love/hate relationship with group work. I love how it gets more ideas flowing, because sometimes I have serious writer's block. But I hate how I always end up doing most of the work. I'm a perfectionist and a control freak, and this doesn't bode well with group stuff. Usually, other people want to slack off til the last second, but I just can't do that. I have to revisereviserevise and make it perfect. BUT, she said she would make sure the groups were balanced.

Also, all the comp. II classes are required to teach this book True Grit. It's pretty much the only thing my city's name is ever mentioned in. It was written in '68, and they made a John Wayne movie about it in '69. But now THE Coen Brothers and Paramount Pictures are out to make it a major motion picture (rumored to include Matt Damon) and so my university is alllll proud. Lol. It's apparently based in my town and area, and right now they're actually recruiting extra and auditioning parts for the main lead (they want an unknown actress to play Maddie). Anyway, that's exciting.

Then I'm taking developmental psychology at noon. Again, I know the professor well, and it seems her class is going to be pretty much the same as I remember it. Tests only over one chapter at a time (which I adore), lots of easy homework stuff to boost your grade, no big papers, she doesn't take attendance, she's funny and laid-back. Pretty much everyone loves her. She's the one I was trying to get an internship with.

My french I class isn't until tomorrow (it's a tuesday/thursday class), but I don't expect anything huge from that. Maybe a project? Probably no big papers. My friends say great things about the professor, so I'm not entirely worried about it.

I am sooooo thrilled with my classes. I was so afraid I'd be bogged down this semester with papers, projects, big tests, AND college program stress that I'd go absolutely insane. But this doesn't seem like the case.

Haha, I already have homework in comp. II, but it's no big deal. I have to write a one page paper about my name. What is it's origins, are you named after someone, do you like it, any funny nicknames, etc? It's actually for her, so she'll remember our names better. I love this professor. She's very outside the box. I mean, in comp. I we focused more on studying pop culture than we did on writing!

So Au Revoir guys! I'll try to make the next post more Disney-centric, and less Jennifer-centric. Haha.

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  1. Your classes sound great!
    Have a fabulous start to your semester!!