Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First vlog is up!

Anyway, like I said in the vlog, please comment and tell me what kind of impressions you got from my 10 random things, haha.

(By the way, GMR won in my blog poll with 52% of the vote! Vote on my new one, please. :))


  1. Nice vlog Jenn! I didn't think it was boring at all! And I am jealous about the PotC notes.... hehe. Also the sock was very random. lol!! :)

  2. I ran out of awesome things to show you that I could reach, haha.

    I will probably be bringing those notes with me to FL, because I don't use them much here, and I think you guys would love them.

  3. Great vlog! I want some of those socks, they are cute, haha.
    Thanks for reading my blog!
    Please do do a list of Aussie things you don't get, I would find it highly amusing!
    Also I'm going to answer your vegemite question in my first vlog, you came to the right person because you would be hard pressed to find an Aussie who loves vegemite as much as me.