Friday, January 29, 2010

An email I have been waiting for.

So, I finally got the 'thanks for interviewing' email. I heard that the system was really messed up lately, so that's probably why it took a whole week to get it. I am really happy! For the spring, it seems like a LOT of people got accepted about 8 days after their interview. That would be tomorrow (Saturday) for me, but maybe I'll hear something on Monday?

I won't get my hopes up, but that would be amazingggg!

Sorry I haven't written as much this week, but there is honestly nothing to talk about. If all of us get in and get to pick the June date, then I could be rooming with Abby, Lyanne, Sara, and Tracie! So we need one more person for a 3 bedroom in Chatham. If only Laura was wellness!

I'm not sure how each room with work out, but I guess we can decide that after the purple emails come?

Not much else happening. Uhmm, the chats have been awesome. I'm really lucky to have met all these awesome people before getting there. :)

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