Friday, January 8, 2010

This is a post of nothingness.

BUT I'M SO EXCITEDDDDD! It just hit me full on how over the top excited I am. It's the kind of excitement that is making me want to type everything in CAPITAL LETTERS AND INCLUDE A LOT OF EXCLAMATION MARKS!

No, nothing happened. Applications didn't come out or anything mind blowing like that. I just had a rush of happiness.

I was thinking last night as I was laying in bed about Splash Mountain. About being on that last big dip and seeing the breathtaking view of the castle ahead of you, and the Briar Patch below you. Of the sudden rush of adrenaline that pumps through your veins as you head down at a sharp angle. Of singing "How Do Ya Do" along with all the Brer animals. Of really rooting for Brer Rabbit to outsmart the bad guys, and laughing and feeling triumphant when he does.

Just, I want to be on that ride so badly. I'm actually watching a youtube video of it RIGHT NOW. 'Laughin' place, ha ha ha...' Oh my gosh I want to be surrounded by that magic.

I want to be on my other favourites too, like Haunted Mansion, Carousel of Progress, or the Great Movie Ride. I want to have that feeling I get only when I'm at Walt Disney World.

I swear to you on this blog right now, if I EVER get sick of the parks, please hit me over the head with a refrigerator. Better yet, make me leave. It wouldn't be worth it anymore if I stopped loving Disney.

Speaking of that, my love of Disney is through the rooooooooof right now. I have so much more to say, but I do have to stretch this blog out with nonsense before apps come out, so I will stop here.

This was basically just a quick post I want to do of some of the thoughts rambling through my head right now. ALSO, I found this amazing blog (that I'm sure Abby is in love with) called Fuck Yeah Face Characters. Find it, read it. It kept me occupied for an amount of time I'm embarassed to share with you, lol.

Until next time!


  1. can i just say i identify with this post times a million bajillion? you're a girl after my own heart!

    (also also i LOVE FYFC)

  2. Haha, yay! So I'm not alone in my craziness after all. :)

  3. Yay!!! I'm glad someone else feels the same way! I could not stop thinking about the parks the other day and I was so mad the applications weren't out! I want to go now!