Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am officially over my moment of doubt.

First, in non-Disney news. How unfair is it when a girl from Belgium and a chick born in Paris take french 1? They speak perfect french. They're just taking the class for an easy A. Both of them are so sweet and I love them, but they're makin' me look bad! Also, french speakers make this weird hacking noise when they pronounce their Rs, and my professor actually told us to practice hacking and coughing, and eventually pronouncing them like that would seem more normal. I doubt it. She also made us sing a song together today, and now I have it stuck in my head. Am I really in college, or is it just kindergarten in disguise?

Also, many of you know that during our 2 hours together we change classrooms, purely so we can be in a computer lab for half of it. I discovered that the computer lab she put us in is in the oldest building on campus, and the computers are giant white boxes from 1997. So, we all have to walk completely across campus just to have the priveledge of using WINDOWS 95. I am not joking.

Who's excited for the 3 day weekend!? Thank you Martin Luther King Jr! (For so many things, but mostly for being so amazing that they made a holiday after you, lol) ;)

Now, for the good stuff. Who thinks it's possible that applications may come out tomorrow? My insane, Disney obsessed mind has made it plausible to me. Apparently, last year they came out on a Friday. And someone talked to a Disney rep who said the apps would be out mid-January. So...Friday, January 15th!? Maybe!? Probably not? Just to be safe, I will be constantly refreshing the CP website tomorrow. You should too.

Abby posted this awesome link on the FB group. It's where this girl who was 'friends with' Alice tells a bunch of stories and basically explains what it was like and answers questions. Some of the stories on there made my heart absolutely melt and my eyes fill with tears. Read it, and you'll know exactly why I want to work for Disney.

OH, and to continue my Disneymoviewatchingextravaganza, I will be viewing The Aristrocats tonight. :)


  1. about fall vs FA, you and i are in similar boats except my parents will be able to visit me. but i'm doing FA because i know i can't extend. for me, it does tie into the career i want and i'd like to go back. but if this is your one shot i say GO FOR FA! i think you will regret it if you don't.

  2. I feel like a bit dramatic, because my mom says she'll try her hardest to work it out with her office, but she's just not sure. So that's not a definitely not, it's just a maybe not.

    Last night it was a definitely not though, so that's how I phrased it.

    Anywhooo, thanks for the advice Abby! I feel like I may regret it, since this is my one shot.

  3. i understand though - i'm not super close to home but i'm not that far either. florida, on the other hand, is quite a distance. it'll be hard for me - but personally, i think the opportunity of the cp from june-december outweighs the negatives, you know?

    even if she only comes down for a weekend, there are ways to do it - you'll have great cm discounts and stuff, too. maybe a 3 day weekend?